A few weeks ago we went to visit a Spiritual bookstore in San Rafael, California. It was a big Metaphysical bookstore, filled with all sorts of Spiritual books. The man who was working in the store was a Native American Indian, and he had a very beautiful energy. Although he was Native American Indian, the store was decorated with all India Spiritual flavors such as statues, music, incense, clothing, shrines and items! The store had a big room with a stage and cafeteria. It indicated to me a place where people can get together and hold activities like giving lectures, meetings, group discussions and events, etc. Besides this big room, there was another room for meditation. This meditation room was filled with burning incense and Indian music was playing in the background all the time. There is no doubt that the people who opened and are operating the store have very good intentions in serving and spreading Spiritual and Metaphysical knowledge to humanity.

However, the energy inside the store didn’t seem to support their good intention. As soon as we walked into the store, we felt repressed and stale because there was no energy flow in the store. The whole store was cluttered with books. The books were everywhere – on the floor, on the shelf, piled in the bathroom, corners and on the table. The back of the bathroom door was hanging a big picture of “The Tree of Life!” The pathway between the bookshelves was very narrow and if one person is on the pathway, another has to step aside to enable the other person to pass. The whole store did not have a window (or the windows might be covered by the thick curtains to block the light outside). The whole store looked dark, lifeless and chaotic. It made me not want to buy anything there or stay any longer because I could not breathe due to lack of fresh air and energy flow.

We stayed there for less than 10 minutes. As soon as I walked out of the store, I took a deep breath as if I needed to push all the stale energy I took in from the store out of my lungs and to breath in fresh air and new energy. It was as if I needed to feel alive again! It was strange to feel this way, but this was how I felt there.

The whole experience made me wonder how much the people who are running the store know about metaphysics. I have no doubt that they are very Spiritual people and I know they have good intentions to serve and to spread Spiritual knowledge to mankind.

A lot of western “Spiritual” people have considered India’s Spirituality as “true Spiritual “. They went to India to seek enlightenment and brought back India’s Spiritual practices – meditation, becoming a vegetarian, and following India’s Spiritual rules and rituals, etc. They hoped that by doing so, they would become Spiritual and enlightened. Steve Jobs was one of them.

Unfortunately, after living in India for 15 months, I am really disillusioned about India’s “Spirituality”. Please do not get me wrong, I have no any intention to judge or criticize India’s Spirituality at all, I am here simply to express my truth after my 15 months living there.  In my truth, meditation, being a vegetarian, following a “guru”, singing a mantra, and obeying the Spiritual rituals and rules can not bring one to be “Spiritual”, neither can it give one “enlightenment” although these practices can assist one on their journey of life!

What is Spiritual? Being Spiritual has nothing to do with following any religion, philosophy, dogma, rituals, cultures or beliefs. Everyday life is “Spiritual” because we are all Spiritual beings experiencing a physical incarnation. We are here to attend the school of life through our chosen earthly life experiences in order to achieve Spiritual growth of our soul. Being Spiritual is about being true and honest to ourselves. Being Spiritual is about focusing our energy on working on ourselves – paying karma, releasing past life energy, and learning chosen life lessons. It requires hard work and perseverance to clear your deep buried subconscious energies by facing your deepest fears, insecurities and other negative emotions. It requires you to let go of your conditioning and to learn to detach from your emotions and the emotions of others. Being Spiritual is about creating your own reality, living your own life to its fullest potential. Only by doing this can you truly become your own Master.

How can we possibly achieve this? We can do so by learning, understanding and living our life with Metaphysical knowledge and practice. Why? Life is all about energy, and Metaphysics is about the energy of life. Metaphysics holds the key to understanding life and how to live our physical life on the Spiritual level. Metaphysics can help us find out who we truly are through our astrology. This is our personal connection, configuration and relationship with the Universe. Only through this connection can we understand the importance of energy in our life so that we can learn how to play and dance with it.

Everything in life is an expression of energy in its unique form – our soul, food, thought, word, emotion, color, sound, air, wind, stars, and more! Without energy, without life! It is impossible to be truly Spiritual without understanding the energy of life on a Metaphysical level.

First of all, energy has to flow, whenever energy does not flow, it becomes stale and stagnant, then our life becomes repressed and stuck, and we become depressed, unhappy, unmotivated and hopeless. Therefore, having energy flow in our surroundings – home, office, living space, relationships, thoughts and words, etc. – will make a big difference in the quality of our life. The constant flowing of energy brings us happiness, abundance, success, balance and harmony. It is important to have no clutter in our space, either in our physical living space or in our mind.

Secondly, energy acts as “like attracts like”. Negative energy attracts and creates a negative reality; positive energy attracts and creates a positive outcome. Our thoughts and words create our own reality and by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. Moreover, energy cannot be destroyed, but can be transmuted. Therefore, change our thoughts and words from negative to positive and we can change our reality and create positive outcomes.

Thirdly, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  The more energy we give or expend by reacting to something or someone, the more resistance or opposite reaction we will create. By learning not to impose our own will or desire onto others and not to give any energy to another person or a situation, we will retain our own power and energy to create a better life for ourselves.

Fourthly, energy needs to be in balance. Whenever there is balanced energy, there is peace, harmony and a state of wellbeing. Life is just like the four seasons, filled with ups and downs, happiness and sadness, gain and loss, success and hardship. Life is in constant change in order to achieve its energy balance. As such, the Universe will bring all sorts of changes into our life to assist us to attain energy balance. Therefore, no matter what life brings to us, it is all for our soul learning and growth. There is no “bad” experience but only the opportunity to learn and to grow from the experience. All of these are part of the process of energy balance for our soul growth. Learning to be open, to embrace and to ride with the flow of life and you will be more balanced, content and at peace with yourself.

Just imagine, if everyone on the earth plane had the Metaphysical knowledge to follow the energy flow of life and knew how to play with it, rather than follow the man-made rules set by society, government, religion, culture, dogma and conditioning, how different would the environment and life we create be? I believe that we will have a peaceful and harmonious world, but it is up to each one of us individually to create it.

Let go of the conditioning of “Spirituality” and “Being Spiritual”, learn and apply the Metaphysical knowledge to your daily life and live it to its’ fullest potential. You will be amazed how far you can go in your Spiritual advancement and how much enlightenment you can attain and how wonderful your life can become!