As the Earth Plane is raising its vibration, so many people are experiencing problems or difficulties physically and emotionally, or mentally and spiritually. More and more people are becoming aware that the old way of living – communication, belief, habit, relationship, tradition, etc. are no longer working for them. We are in fact being forced to make change due to the impact of photon energy on the earth plane. The status quo we used to have and the comfort zone our Self wants to cling to are all beginning to break down. Through what is happening in our lives, we are forced to look at ourselves and our lives honestly. We can no longer live our lives in a state of self-deception.

As always, making change is not easy because the Self part of us does not want to move out of the comfort zone. The Self part of us wants to hold onto what it knows – people, things and emotions even though we no longer need them in our life. The Self part of us fights all it can to resist the Universe bringing in new energy and opportunities into our life. It cannot see that if we face the fear of the unknown and embrace our insecurities, we will grow through the experience of change.

As we let go and allow the new to take place in our life, there is always a slow and difficult period during the transition. On top of this, our own fear of the unknown and our insecurities often create more resistance that makes the transition harder and more difficult. We voluntarily and habitually put ourselves in a victim position and cry out why me? We ask why our lives are so hard and so unfair without realizing that we are fighting against the life flow; we in fact are creating all the difficulties in our life. While we are moaning and groaning over the hardship and difficulties, we do not realize that we are responsible for making our own life much harder and the struggle more difficult than it could be. Our own resistance to change not only creates hardship in our life but also causes all sorts of dis-ease – health, finance, relationship, career, and more.

We live in a world of duality. There is always positive and negative in duality, and we cannot live with one without having the other; they co-exist. In other words, we cannot just have positive without the existence of “negative”. We cannot get rid of negativity by denying it, neglecting it, repressing it or running away from it. The only way to overcome negativity is by being aware of it, accepting it as it is and facing it without any fear or judgment.

Everything that happens in our life is for a reason; nothing happens by accident. It is all chosen by us to assist us in our soul growth. “Negative” or “positive”, it’s a matter of perspective and it is an illusion that is created by our mind and our conditioning. We give so much power to what we term “negative” because of fear. We have difficulty in taking responsibility for creating our own reality. Unfortunately, we cannot stop what life brings into our daily existence; we cannot stop change; we cannot take the ups without the downs, and the “good” without the “bad”. But we can change our perspective. How we view and perceive our life does make a difference in the quality of our life. When we face the negativity without labeling it as “bad” and “unfortunate”, but see it as part of our life journey, an opportunity to make change for the betterment of our life, and ask ourselves: “How can I deal with it? What can I learn from it? “. The moment we look at the “bad” happening and the “difficult” with honesty and without fear, we are on the way to moving out of the trap of negativity and our energy begins to shift. When we start to embrace life with total acceptance and to have the courage to ride through the unknown and the mystery of life; the fear, doubt and all other emotions around it disappear and cease to be. By then we are able to see the real reason and purpose behind it. Everything is an illusion. It only exists when we believe it and have fear of it. The true master knows how to dance with the illusion and go beyond it.

“Your purpose on this earth plane is NOT to be unhappy. So many negative experiences turn out to be positive experiences. It is the way you approach them that is the key to the outcome.” – from Maitreya Quotes app for Apple device or for Android device.

Next time when you are caught up by negativity, stop reacting to it, instead, ask yourself, what is this really about? What can I learn from it? How can I approach it? When you start to ask such questions and stop reacting emotionally, you begin to see through the illusion of it, whether it is a relationship, a situation, a job or a health issue. It is all an illusion and only there for your learning experience. This is the path of mastering your destiny and achieving soul growth. Life is a game, a joyful and fun game. When we know the secret of the game and are willing to play with it, we can find true happiness and enjoyment to play with it, for life is meant to be happy and abundant.